[Tweeters] Rosario Yellow-billed Loon

plkoyama at comcast.net plkoyama at comcast.net
Sat Jan 28 18:14:31 PST 2017

Just a note to say that the YB Loon is still at Rosario in Skagit County. David and I had it today from the beach at the right end of the bay as you face the water. There is a small trail down to the beach not far from the gate—we had never been down there before. (The park is gated, btw, and the bathrooms are locked.) The loon was to the right of the 2 smaller rock formations, feeding near the kelp, then it disappeared behind the rock. But we had definitive views of the yellow, slightly upturned bill on this big loon at about 11:30 a.m. Most other birders were up on Rosario Head, and I don’t know if anyone else saw it. We could not locate it once we got to the top about 30 minutes later. If we had seen it, though, it would have been at a far greater distance than the view from the beach. It was a 4-loon day at Rosario, with many Pacifics, a few Commons, and one Red-throated in addition to the YB Loon. Some nice murres, too, in varying plumages.

No Rock Sandpiper, but I did see 4 or 5 unidentified smaller shorebirds (i.e., not oystercatchers) fly around the biggest rock below the head, thus disappearing.
Penny Koyama, Bothell
plkoyama at comcast dot net

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