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Thu Jan 26 21:13:22 PST 2017

Hi, I went to the South Meadow with a friend to look around today and got
a big surprise. We were watching small flocks of chickadees with a
hovering golden-crowned kinglet when a noise distracted us and drove off
most of the feeding birds. Someone up the hill toward the big golf-ball
like water tower thing was controlling a drone. After watching them and
holding up our binoculars, it was clear they were trying to have some fun
with birders. The drone hovered near us, apparently waiting to see where
we would go next. Two other birders came by and described another incident
how the controller had driven off nearby birds. We walked on, and a minute
later we saw the drone again, flying toward a tree where a large red-tailed
hawk was sitting. The drone scared the hawk and it flew toward the water.
The drone changed direction and followed the hawk until it reached the
cliffs. The drone drove the hawk completely out of the park.
I'm going to visit a city council person and ask if they can direct the
parks department to take any action to prevent these incident. During all
this, there were also multiple dogs off leash in the meadow.
It strikes me that the powers that be must either be totally ignorant of
this type of harassment or unconcerned. Further, I suppose the park's
caretakers are probably either ignorant or unconcerned about the several
laws and aviation regulations that were being broken. Others, I know, did
call the parks department and they did leave messages, for all the good
that did.
Ron Post
ronpost4 at gmail.com
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