[Tweeters] Klineline park peregrine

Michelle Maani lamoustique at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 25 16:53:39 PST 2017

Today I was at Klineline park in Salmon Creek (Vancouver, WA) when I saw the partially eaten carcass of a cormorant on the shore of the main pond.  It seemed like a falcon kill, except I didn't think that they hunted such large birds.  About half an hour later, while walking toward the smaller pond, I spotted a juvenile Peregrine Falcon under a tree, eating something on the lawn.  I took some ID shots, not the greatest because of very low light conditions, so they aren't going on Flickr.  I went back later and saw that the  bird it had been eating was a duck, probably an American Wigeon.  Other birds noted at the park were American Coots, American Wigeons, a single male Common Goldeneye, a single male Common Merganser, a California gull, two Double-crested Cormorants, three Cackling Geese, a Belted Kingfisher, several Mallards,  a Spotted Towhee and two California Scrub Jays. 

Michelle MaaniSalmon CreekVancouver, Washington

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