[Tweeters] Clark county swamp sparrow and car break in

EarthLink bishopjg at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 24 20:00:40 PST 2017

Hi everyone. I met up with Kevin Black at the west trailhead of the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail in Vancouver at 4:15 today to see a SWAMP SPARROW he had found. We did find it but it was secretive and seemed a bit harassed by song sparrows, so we couldn't get photos.

We were about 100 yards up the trail from our cars. Kevin left at 4:45 and I stayed to wait for another look. About 20 minutes later I moved to the trailhead viewpoint maybe 40 yards or less from the car but separated by a high embankment. Several families and joggers had passed me on the trailhead during this time enjoying the partial sunshine. Returned at 5:25 to find both passenger side windows broken and my backpack, which had been out of sight, was stolen. There were still 2 cars on either side of mine and people returning to them shortly after tried to help.

Missing is an older MacBook Pro (backed up and trackable) and a new pair of binoculars. Please keep and eye out for these on Craigslist etc.: Zeiss Terra Ed Pocket binoculars 8x25. Serial number: 4470371
John Bishop
360 281-4118
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