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Definitely mating behavior. It happens if you have some particularly loud and resonant spot for them to drill on – but usually it is hollow metal (like gutters or pipes), since that makes the most noise, but could be resonant wood. Best advice if he likes a particular spot is to put something less attractive to the bird there (tack up some rubber?). We never really had much luck dissuading ours because we had a whole houseful of gutters to choose from. It was pretty much a 4:30 am alarm clock. Fortunately it does not go on all year…

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Asking for suggestions…an orange shafted Flicker has decide to drill into my log home.

There are no bugs, I have it treated 4 times a year and it is newly revarnished.

The noise is loud and constant. He/she flys off when I open the nearby window. But soon returns.

Could he/she be trying to drill a nest? My three story house is fairly new without signs of deterioration.

I have a wild bird feeder with sunflower seed and thistle seed one floor down, below where he/she is

drilling which is frequented by songbirds. The local pest control says the birds are tapping on my building to

attract mates. Any help is welcome….please. He is right over my renters front door which is now streaked

with huge white droppings.



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