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Ilene Samowitz rockawaybirder at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 23 13:46:56 PST 2017

I observed as well. They were indeed Eagles.

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> In reply to some who questioned the Bald Eagle sighting above the Women’s March in Seattle on the 21st, thinking they might have been drones, I was in attendance at the march (an awesome and inspiring event), and observed them clearly, circling directly overhead. I also photographed them with my cell phone and later examined the pics and video by zooming in. They were most definitely actual live birds, two adult Bald Eagles. Someone suggested that the collective heat of the 175,000 marchers created a thermal updraft which the birds then utilized. This seems reasonable, though an alternative hypothesis is that they showed up for a huge demonstration against the present anti-environment junta already actively planning the destruction of the Endangered Species Act…


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