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Finding an apparently pure Yellow-shafted Flicker is somewhat rare in
Washington. We do get a few every year, but intergrades between
Red-shafted and Yellow-shafteds are much, much more common. The
intergrades can have any mix of traits and some can closely resemble
Yellow-shafted Flickers. To confirm a Yellow-shafted Flicker one would
want to see the color of the shafts as well as the details of the head
pattern (cheek, nape, and malar color). Last year I helped write a brief
article about identifying our flickers for eBird Northwest that can be
found at this link:


Good birding,
Ryan Merrill

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> Glad to see Andy's question as I've been meaning to post a similar one

> myself!

> When the freezing weather started in December, I put out a suet feeder

> (normally do not put feeders out). For many weeks now, there have been at

> least 2 flickers with Yellow-shafted characteristics coming on a daily

> basis. One is more "intergrade", having bright orange feathers in the

> typical areas, a small, faint red mark on the nape, and no clear moustache

> marks, either red or black ... just sort of brownish-gray "shadow" hint

> where they'd normally be. The other has very definitely yellow coloration

> under the wings and tail, similar mustache area, but much stronger and

> clearly visible red on the nape.

> A week and a half ago or so, we enjoyed watching quite the romancing going

> on between the intergrade and a full Red-shafted which seemed to be female

> as there were no red moustache markings, over several days. Lots of what I

> call "bill dancing", "follow me, but not too close" chases around the

> shrubbery, and other behaviors.

> So I also am curious as to how common it is to see the Yellow-shafted

> Flickers in the Pugetopolis area? I am in suburban south Snohomish County,

> near Edmonds...a regular neighborhood about a block east of the Sound.


> Dee Warnock

> Edmonds, WA


> > Hi there. I've had a female flicker with yellow shafted feathers coming

> to my suet feeder in Snohomish daily and often for about two months now. I

> don't know how uncommon this is so I decided to post it here to get some

> feedback. Please let me know. I actually saw her once a year ago and

> noticed faint yellow feathers at first. Might have been different bird. The

> bird today looks just like an eastern bird if memory serves correctly. Any

> info would be helpful. Thanks.

> >

> > Andy Papadatos

> > Snohomish, WA


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