[Tweeters] Bounty of ducks Snohomish river/Elliot rd

Christina cjt37 at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 21 21:06:02 PST 2017

Hey fellow birders, most of the temporary ponds still have a thin layer of ice, so the ducks were all gathered in the water that was thawed, easy pickings. Although when I first got there they were nervous and eventually flushed further south in the water, are they nervous because of hunting and gunshots? So I followed them down the rd a block or so and sat at the farm there. I had plenty of time to study. Had lot's of N Pintail, Green winged teal, Ring necked duck, Gadwal, 2 Muscovy, male Hooded merganser, Cooper's Hawk, even a Bewicks wren. The weather was very nice as well, very enjoyable day!
Happy birding Chris Woodinville

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