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*General Membership Meeting with Belinda Rotton and Richard Kessler*

Birding on the Skagit and Whatcom Wildlife Areas

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s (WDFW’s) Skagit Wildlife
and Whatcom Wildlife Areas are popular public access sites for birding in
the Pacific Northwest. Wildlife Area Managers Belinda Rotton and Richard
Kessler will provide an overview of site history, current management
practices and initiatives, and new project developments at these sites.
Information will also be provided on the planning process and opportunities
for public involvement at the wildlife areas.

Belinda is the Wildlife Area Manager on the Skagit Wildlife Area focused on
waterfowl, wetland management, and salmon recovery. She has worked for WDFW
on the Skagit Wildlife Area since 2005. She received her BS in Biology
from the University of Arkansas, worked as a biologist for the Arkansas
Game and Fish Commission, and received a MS in Wetland Ecology and
Management from the University of Missouri.

Richard is a graduate of The Evergreen State College and has worked for
WDFW since 1991, starting in the Upland Wildlife Restoration program in
Eastern Washington. In 1993 he became Wildlife Area Manager for the South
Puget Sound Wildlife Area, Scatter Creek Wildlife Area, McNeil Island, and
West Rocky Prairie. Richard worked restoring native prairie, managing the
first release site for endangered western pond turtles, and managing
hunting dog field trials and a wildlife nest box program using prisoners of
McNeil Island. In 2009 Richard started managing the Whatcom Wildlife Area
which includes the Lake Terrell, Tennant Lake, Nooksack, BP and Intalco
Units. He manages these units for wildlife breeding, winter feeding of
waterfowl, pheasant release, waterfowl hunting, fishing and boating.

* Always on the 4th Tuesday of the month:*

*January 24th, 7pm*

Whatcom Museum Rotunda Room* free & open to the public!*

happy birding
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