[Tweeters] Bohemian Waxwings - Richmond Beach Park

Joe Sweeney sweeneyfit at mac.com
Fri Jan 20 13:31:08 PST 2017

This morning, while I was standing on the top and most northern border of Richmond Beach Park in Shoreline, at the junction of NW 190 St and 21 Ave NW, I spotted a BOHEMIAN WAXWING in a tree in front of 19019 21 Ave NW (about 3 houses north on 21 Ave NW). When I walked up the street, there were large and noisy numbers of mostly robins and starlings, and at least 4 Bohemians, feeding on berries and frequently flying from one side of the street to the other. At about 10am, all the birds took flight, perhaps spooked by a hawk, and the neighborhood suddenly became very quiet.

Be aware there are lots of No Parking signs outside the park. For that reason, and to be considerate of the residents on 21 Ave NW, I suggest you park either in the park itself or in the designated parking spaces on 20 Ave NW just before the park entrance.

I will include some photos in my eBird report.

Joe Sweeney
NE Seattle
sweeneyfit at mac dot com




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