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My neighbor in southeast Shoreline, has had one coming to her feeders for much of the feeder watch sessions. I haven't seen this one, but she has shown me the Hermit Thrush picture in Sibley's, so I'm pretty confident that she has ID'd the bird correctly. I live about a block away, and in the past, I have banded both a Hermit Thrush and a Swanson's Thrush, so I know that a Hermit Thrush is entirely possible. This one is mainly eating the dried mealworms in the suet cylinder.

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> For the past month I’ve had a Hermit Thrush in my yard in an older Seattle neighborhood. I’m wondering how unusual this is. The

> little fellow spends a great deal of time simply perched on a low branch, on top of a wooden fence picket, or on my coiled garden

> hose. It seems to be about as curious about me as I am about it, peering at me through the windows, and seemingly impervious to

> my staring at it from a half-dozen feet away for as much as 30 minutes at a time.




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