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Bruce Thompson bcthompson248 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 15:59:20 PST 2017

For any trip there in April, watch the weather for a prospective front to
cause "fall outs" along the Coast. If such is the case, go to South Padre
Island and check out the World Birding Center and the Convention Center.
That is a great location for getting numerous warblers and other migrants
at close range. When there, you can ask anyone about some other good spots
on S. Padre.

I concur with the person who suggested Estero Llano Grande State Park. It
has good vegetated and aquatic habitat with exceptional trails

Also check out downtown Alamo for the Green Parakeets around sundown; they
flock to roosts there.

Overall, any contact with any of the World Birding Center sites will give
you plenty of leads. And, it is really helpful to scan eBird for recent
reports of any specialties you are after.

Depending on what you are seeking, it is well worth your while to try to
get to the vicinity of Falcon Dam and Reservoir. Also, if yo have a
vehicle there, go to Sabal Palms south of Brownsville; it has great spring
birding opportunities.


*Bruce C. Thompson*
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