[Tweeters] Falcated Duck, Padilla Bay

rick klawitter klawitterrichard at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 15 20:01:26 PST 2017

Today at approximately 9:30 AM a friend and I first sighted a male Falcated Duck in among a small group of American Wigeons from the cabins at Bayview State Park.  We followed the bird as it drifted further south and at which point it flew further south joining a large mixed group of Mallards, Widgeons, and Pintails.  Excellent views of the duck were made in sunlight with calm water and from a distance of 20 yards or more with the striking iridescent green head with central long reddish brown feathers giving the head a unique profile,  slender black bill, pale throat, falcated tertials, and grey body all clearly seen.  I am not familiar with birding Padilla Bay and do not know if there are any escaped domestic birds in the area.  I have never seen this bird before, so the possibility of mistaken identification exists, despite the excellent views.  I have photos for verification.  The bird was last seen flying into the adjacent field where Trumpeter Swans were feeding at about noon.

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