[Tweeters] Hummers Heated Delight

Linda Becker Linda.becker at comcast.net
Sun Jan 15 10:44:58 PST 2017

When I saw a picture of the Hummers Heated delight on their website---and
because I was going out of town with temps in the low teens predicted---I
had to fashion my own, which proved easy. I had some of those old outdoor
holiday lights that actually produce a little heat---these were all red. I
coiled them into an aluminum pie pan, and hung the pan below the feeder with
paper clips. Although the hummers were at first a little shy of the red-lit
hummingbird feeder, that didn't last long. We now call it the hummers' lava
lamp. No frozen nectar, and happy hummers always about.


In Madison Valley, always 10 degrees colder than in the rest of Seattle.

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