[Tweeters] 2017 nature audio recording workshop: sample Wood Duck calling in spring

Mark Oberle oberle at mindspring.com
Wed Jan 11 19:53:05 PST 2017


>We are pleased to announce the 2017 nature sound recording workshop

>the weekend of April 28-30, at the Center for Urban Horticulture, on

>the University of Washington's Seattle campus. This is our

>workshop's 11th year, for beginners and advanced audio recordists

>and videographers. Come and learn the tricks of the trade.

>Equipment is supplied; there is no need to buy before you try; we

>can configure any recording array to suite your preference be it

>species-specific or nature ambience. We will help you select the

>equipment you need and show you how to use it.

>Editing, filtering, video, time code will be covered to help you get

>the best out of your nature audio recording.

>Details: http://naturesound.org/nature-sound-workshop/


>To warm you up during the cold weather this week, here is a sample

>spring time recording of frogs and Wood Duck near Carnation,

>Washington: https://soundcloud.com/martynstewart/pacific-frog-and-wood-duck

Mark Oberle
Seattle, WA
oberle at mindspring.com

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