[Tweeters] Storm Topples Iconic Sequoia 'Tunnel Tree' in Northern California | The Weather Channel

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I too rode through that tree when I was young--one that my mother had gone through when she was younger. As an adult, when I first moved back to the west coast, I took a trip down the coast into California, mainly so I could see that tree, and the other giants again. Truly breathtaking.
And although it wouldn't be the correct thing to do now, having a tree that one could drive through made many people divert their routes to include that side trip; so many people saw the redwoods that may not have done so without that tree.

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> Fellow Tweeters,

> I was truly awed by this tree at age seven, on my first family trip to California.

> As I recall, we drove through it.

> I stood and stared-straight up-for a long time. My father finally insisted that I get back in our new 1957 Chevy wagon so we could move on.

> So much symbolism here, now, with the fall of this beauty of a 1000 years, that no comment is useful or necessary.

> Dan Reiff


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