[Tweeters] A Continent-wide Peregrine question

Bud Anderson falconresearch at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 14:13:34 PST 2017

The recovery of Peregrine Falcons in North America is one of the great
environmental success stories of the last 50 years.

To gauge the recovery in 2017, we would like to know how many peregrines
are nesting in urban environments on man-made structures like buildings,
bridges, towers, nuclear plants, stuff like that. Doesn't necessarily have
to be in a city, just on a man-made structure.

So far, we have nesting records for every US state (and Washington DC)
except the following eight;

Montana (!)
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

We also have them breeding in all provinces except

Northwest Territory
Yukon Territory
Nova Scotia
and remarkably, British Columbia.

If there are people out there that know of any peregrines breeding on
man-made structures in any of these states or provinces/territories, please
let us know.

If you can pass this along to other lists, we would appreciate it.

Let's see how Tweeters does as a research tool.

Thanks in advance,

Bud Anderson
Falcon Research Group
Box 248
Bow, WA 98232
(360) 757-1911
falconresearch at gmail.com
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