[Tweeters] NOT an Iceland Gull at Carkeek

Spencer Hildie shildie at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 9 10:38:12 PST 2017

My apologies for the report of an Iceland Gull at Carkeek Park two days
ago. Upon further review and based on feedback, it would seem I was
mistaken. This appears to just be a pale Glaucous-winged Gull. I am
still a bit surprised by how much this bird stood out to me in the field
beyond the lighter coloration. Structurally, it did seem to be slightly
on the small side and have a more diminutive head and bill, but
apparently still well within the range for Glaucous-winged. I would
still welcome any feedback as I'm surprised how much confusion it caused
me. Thanks.


Spencer Hildie
Seattle, WA
shildie at earthlink.net

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