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I know that Garfield County is the toughest county in Washington State to bird. So that made me wonder what are the top dozen birds that are on the Garfield County checklist. Picking the top dozen will be different probably for each birder that looks the list over. I would hope birders would be curious and try to come up with their choices of top dozen. Here's my choices:

1. Long-billed Murrelet-----I rated this number 1.

2. Black Swift

3. Hermit Warbler

4. Dipper-----a few of us have worked on this one without success

5. Bushtit

6. White-winged Crossbill

7. Boreal Owl

8. Gyrfalcon

9. Swamp Sparrow

10. Sora

11. Green-tailed Towhee

12. Northern Mockingbird

Some of these I've seen, but this is how I think is the top 12.

Then to change the game I went through the list of what hasn't been seen in Garfield Co. of what might be the most likely top 12 to be added to the county list. I had to compare the Garfield list with the Washington State list. Here's my predictions starting with #1 being the most likely.

1. Anna's Hummingbird

2. Pectoral Sandpiper

3. Snowy Owl

4. Thayer's Gull

5. Dunlin

6. Black-bellied Plover

7. Purple Finch

8. American Redstart

9. Trumpeter Swan

10. Long-billed Curlew

11. Broad-winged Hawk

12. Great-tailed Grackle

Remember where Garfield County is and there is only 248 species on the list. I would be interested if anyone else has ideas. Would like your response either on Tweeters or private email.

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