[Tweeters] Reporting banded Black Turnstones

Roxie Rochat roxie.rochat at gmail.com
Fri Jan 6 14:06:22 PST 2017

Summary: Watch for banded Black Turnstones and report them to Dr. Taylor.

Background: While scouting at a private location for a CBC, we found a
Black Turnstone with a yellow band. Ruth Milner of WDFW put us in touch
with Dr. Audrey Taylor from the University of Alaska, who responded with:

On 1/4/2017 11:38 AM, Audrey Taylor wrote:

> Hi Roxie,

> Ruth is correct in her assumption that I banded this Black Turnstone -

> it would have been banded at the Oak Harbor marina in 2010 as part of

> a project looking at BLTU use of Montague Island in Prince William

> Sound, Alaska. We were putting radio tags on individuals in Oak Harbor

> and then looking at when they arrived and how long they stayed at

> Montague Island. Interestingly, we heard none of the 50 radio-tagged

> individuals at Montague Island in 2010, which led us to get funding

> from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to put geolocators on

> turnstones on their breeding grounds and track their annual migrations

> to see if their migration patterns had changed in recent years.

> Montague used to be their major spring stopover site (and was

> designated as an Important Bird Area for this reason) but our

> geolocator data indicated that few if any birds are even stopping over

> in Prince William Sound these days. I’m working on writing this paper

> up right now, so it is neat to get reports of our banded birds from

> the very beginning of the project!


> I would love to know of any other banded turnstones you see - they are

> very site-faithful so it is fun to see how far they range from Oak

> Harbor.


> Best,

> Audrey

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> Audrey R Taylor, PhD

> Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies

> Department of Geography & Environmental Studies

> University of Alaska Anchorage

> (907) 786-6854

> artaylor at alaska.edu <mailto:artaylor at alaska.edu>


Good luck finding those banded turnstones!
Roxie Rochat
Camano Island

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