[Tweeters] Orange-crowned warbler

Maureen E. Ellis mj2ephd at uw.edu
Fri Jan 6 12:33:44 PST 2017

This morning, an orange-crowned warbler was pigging out at my suet feeder
[has both plain and 'bug-bites' suet.] I've had Yellow-rumped warbler
flocks and American goldfinch flocks also coming to the deck
feeders...seed-cast-on-deck, H2O station, 2 hummer feeders, double-size
suet feeder, and hanging seed feeder...the past few weeks. Today, had the
orange-crowned, YR's and goldfinches all within sight simultaneously.

Hoping to get photo of the orange-crown if it hangs around. Have lots of
picts of the YR's and goldfinches already.

Exciting winter birding close to home,

Maureen E Ellis
NE edge of Seahurst Park forest
Burien, WA
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