[Tweeters] mystery hummingbird--opinions sought

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Thu Jan 5 11:18:43 PST 2017


In wrapping up the compilation of the Everett-Marysville CBC, as in several recent years, I've had to reject a couple Selasphorus reports owing to lack of details/documentation. But I'm in receipt of a few interesting photos of a mystery hummingbird photographed by a feeder-watcher on the CBC. Wonder if some of you in Tweeterland might be interested to comment. Here are three photos:


(side profile of feeding bird). This very dark bird is long (note the red feeder-cup length is exactly 1.5" long), my estimate based on this is a 4.3-4.5" length. Though the photo colors are washed out, please note that the only white area is on the undertail coverts--the breast is dark mottled, the back is a very dark green with a faint paler collar at the nape. Can't explain the little white flecks but thinking this is a molting young bird. Note also that the wings are long--extending past the tail tip.



(angle front views of bird)--here the longish bill is well shown. Please note that it is also relatively fine-tipped and slightly drooping toward the tip. The latter shot also shows a dark face/throat and the breast is dark-mottled.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Scott Atkinson

Lake Stevens

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