[Tweeters] Edmonds Palm Warbler and W Meadowlark

plkoyama at comcast.net plkoyama at comcast.net
Wed Jan 4 15:46:22 PST 2017

For the 3 people who haven’t yet seen the Palm Warbler at Marina Park in Edmonds, it was there today at 2:30 p.m. But it wasn’t at the oft-described location near the dog park fence, but clear across the park past the play structures. It was in the grasses below the rockery “border” between the path and the Marina, about halfway down to the beach. Seemingly unafraid, it was foraging no more than 6 feet from my feet! I only walked over there because I saw another birder, David, who lives in Edmonds. He commented that he had seen a meadowlark and when I mentioned and described the warbler, it occurred to him that he had just seen it! We both walked down the path, spotting it right away. He then left, but I walked a bit further and the meadowlark popped right up onto the rocks, posing nicely.

There were few birds seen from the fishing dock, where the wind was biting and the water choppy, mostly singles or pairs of the usuals, but no loons. At Brackett’s Landing, 6 Brant Geese were close to the water’s edge. A scope view of the finger of land off Sunset Point revealed an adult Bald Eagle on the gravel and, understandably, nothing else.

It was a beautiful afternoon, but my eyeballs were freezing!!
Penny Koyama, Bothell
plkoyama at comcast dot net

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