[Tweeters] Garfield County Year List shows 2016 was under-birded

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Garfield County 2016 year list shows lack of birders reporting or just not birding Washington State's toughest county. A county with no lakes or rivers save the Snake River which is almost sterile much of the year. No reports came in from the southern half of Garfield County so many forest birds didn't get seen. The year list total for 2016 in Garfield County was 136.

Misses: The following is a list of birds usually seen every year, but missed in 2016.

1. Northern Pintail

2. Barrow's Goldeneye

3. Chukar

4. Ruffed Grouse

5. Dusky Grouse

6. N. Goshawk

7. Barn Owl

8. Western Screech-Owl

9. N. Pygmy-Owl

10. Common Nighthawk

11. Rufous Hummingbird

12. Calliope Hummingbird

13. Red-naped Sapsucker

14. Prairie Falcon

15. Cordilleran Flycatcher

16. Red-eyed Vireo
17. Clark's Nutcracker
18. Chestnut-backed Chickadee
19. Brown Creeper
20. Marsh Wren
21. Varied Thrush
22. Gray Catbird
23. Brewer's Sparrow
24. Vesper Sparrow
25. Lark Sparrow
26. Fox Sparrow
27. Red Crossbill

There were no 'County First' species found in 2016 in Garfield County.

Only 4 species listed as code (5) were seen in 2016. They were:

1. Tundra Swan 3-12-2016 by R J Baltierra at Central Ferry
2. Surf Scoter 10-21-2016 by Russ Kopendrayer at Ilia Landing
3. Forster's Tern 5-29-2016 by Mark & Lee Crawford at Ilia Landing
4. Snow Bunting 12-27-2016 by Mike and MerryLynn Denny along Fairview Road

As the Garfield compiler for Matt Bartels' County Year List Project I will be waiting for those reports either emailed to me or submitted to eBird. Thanks for your help,

Ken Knittle
Vancouver WA 98665

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