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Rick Taylor taylorrl at outlook.com
Mon Jan 2 14:18:38 PST 2017

Tweeters, Inlanders,

I've been the Adams county compiler for Matt Bartels' County Year List Project since 2011. I appreciate everyone that entered their Adams County sightings into eBird, posted them on Tweeters or Inland NW Birders, or reported them to me privately. It is a community effort. This year we tallied 210 species. This is 6 less than last year and 10 below the average for the 10 years that Matt has been running the project.

Misses. The following species are usually seen annually; but, were missed this year. If you saw one of these species in Adams County in 2016, Please let me know.

* Chukar
* Short-billed Dowitcher
* Long-eared Owl
* Vaux's Swift
* Peregrine Falcon
* Brown Creeper
* Mountain Bluebird
* Lapland Longspur
* Sagebrush Sparrow
* Fox Sparrow
* White-throated Sparrow

County Firsts

* Scissor-tailed Flycatcher 8/10/2016

Rare Species with less than five records in the county sighted in 2016 include:

* Eastern Phoebe 8/31/2016 Randy Hill Washtucna
* Mountain Chickadee 2/11/2016 Ryan Merrill Washtucna
* Northern Waterthrush 9/3/2016 Bob Flores Washtucna
* Rose-breasted Grosbeak 6/1/2016 Jim Danzenbaker Washtucna
* Lesser Goldfinch 6/2/2016 Shep Thorton Washtucna

Rare Species with more than five records in the county sighted in 2016 include:

* Ross's Goose 4/12/2016 Jon Isacoff Sprague Lake
* White-winged Scoter 11/6/2016 Mark Crawford Sprague Lake
* Red-necked Grebe 5/3/2016 Jon Isacoff Sprague Lake
* White-faced Ibis 5/14/2016 Dennis Paulson Para/Mcain's Ponds
* Sabine's Gull 9/15/2016 Terry Little Sprague Lake
* Common Tern 9/15/2016 Terry Little Sprague Lake
* Western Screech-Owl 5/14/2016 Deb Heiden Black Lake Trail
* Hairy Woodpecker 9/1/2016 Bob Flores Washtucna
* Least Flycatcher 6/3/2016 Kevin Black Washtucna
* Black-capped Chickadee 9/12/2016 Rick Taylor Washtucna
* Western Bluebird 4/15/2016 Mike Clarke Sprague Lake
* Bohemian Waxwing 12/15/2016 Samantha Aaro Ritzville STP
* Snow Bunting 12/20/2016 John Cyr I-90 near Ritzville
* American Redstart 6/5/2016 Fanter Lane Washtucna
* Blackpoll Warbler 5/18/2016 Bob Flores Washtucna
* Common Redpoll 1/1/2016 Becky Lyle Schafer/Dewald Rd
* Evening Grosbeak 5/7/2016 Becky Lyle Schafer/Dewald Rd

Lists for previous years and for other counties can be accessed on the Washington Birder website at http://wabirder.com/county_yearlist.html

If you've spotted anything Adams County in 2016 that is not reflected on the list, please contact me. Again, thank you for your reporting your sightings. Keep them coming in 2017.

Good Birding!


Rick Taylor
Everett, WA

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