[Tweeters] Bohemian Waxwings at magnuson

kayliningalls at gmail.com kayliningalls at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 17:06:44 PST 2017

Hello tweeters!
After chasing the Palm Warbler at Edmonds successfully yesterday I decided to stretch my luck and go for another species I'd kept missing, Bohemian Waxwings. I went off to magnuson, and while I got a lot of yearbirds I failed to find the waxwings or anything in the previously reported spot. Eventually I gave up and headed down south where I had seen some ducks in a pond on the side of the road. After parking by the boat ramp I walked up north and saw some people looking at some robins, I hastened my step and when I got up there found my hunch was correct. Just north of the ponds was my lifer Bohemian Waxwings as well as a bunch of Cedar Waxwings and robins and American Goldfinches and Pine Siskins and Red-winged Blackbirds. I wasn't sure where to look first! Their larger size and reddish undertail coverts were obvious. Eventually all the birds got scared off into a tree to the south, before they flew back overhead and off to the north in smaller groups.
That was my second lifer in 2017, if I keep up the pace I'll get to 500 :P

Good searching! And never give up!!
-Kaylin ingalls
Kirkland WA

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