[Tweeters] Birds of Port Aransas, Texas

Jack Nolan jacknolan62 at comcast.net
Mon Jan 2 12:56:09 PST 2017


I just returned from 10 days in PA. It was a great trip. Although I
didn't set out "just to bird" I did get in several excursions. Being an
Island on the Gulf of Mexico (next door to Padre Island), it's very
"tidal" and so the Shorebirds are amazing. I barely scratched the
surface-there are many more places to visit that I didn't get to see.

I didn't get pictures of everything I saw, and I'm sure I have
misidentified some.

Here is my list and my photos:



I'm the definition of an "amateur" birder, but I had a lot of fun. Many
of these birds are "firsts" for me.

I'll plug Port Aransas while I'm at it. If you want a warm, sunny place
to go that isn't too hard on the budget. We flew to San Antonio and
then drove (3 hours) You could also fly to Houston and drive (4 hours).
You can fly to Corpus Christi but it's more expensive. Be sure to have
your binoculars ready during your drive.
Lots of places to rent in PA, good restaurants, friendly people and
plenty of birders.
Plenty of resources on the web on where to see birds. I hope to go back
some day.

Happy New Year.

Jack Nolan
Shoreline, WA.

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