[Tweeters] Blue-winged teal or?

Margaret Sandelin msand47 at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 28 11:50:19 PST 2017

I have had several replies suggesting I might have seen a female Scaup
or Barrow's Golden Eye and it was definitely not a Golden Eye- no other
bright patches of white. I was using Morse, Aversa & Opperman's Birds
of the Puget Sound Region (it is small, easy to carry). I have just
looked in 3 other field guides and I still think I saw a Blue- winged
Teal as the crescent was exactly like the one in Birds of the Puget
Sound Region - very defined, long and arching back in front of the eye.
In all the books I have the Scaup white behind the bill is thicker and
does not arch up around the eye to the top of the head. But again, I am
only a beginner, it was cold so I did not spend much time looking at the
bird so I can only say I think it was a Teal but unless someone more
knowledgeable sees it and can confirm we will have to say maybe.
Margaret Sandelin

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