[Tweeters] Could it be true? / Caryn / Wedgwood

Sat Feb 25 11:54:35 PST 2017

Hello Tweeters!

Dare I say it? I think we have hummingbird babies!! Based on what I've seen this morning - what looks like her feeding - I think her jewels have hatched!! Where's that hummer drone when you need it!!

Sitting on the edge of the nest and doing some strong "injecting", when she came up for air it her tongue was actively "ejecting" from her bill! And then snuggling down into her throne with her tiny wiggling gems.

A beautiful day - glad she'll have an easy day for a change. Easy to zip down to the feeders, tank up and rise nearly vertically right back to the nest to fill those two little charges.

There I said it. But I've been wrong before.

Stay tuned...

Caryn / Wedgwood Hummer mama - "again"

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