[Tweeters] Re: Hummingbirds in Renton

festuca at comcast.net festuca at comcast.net
Thu Feb 23 10:09:03 PST 2017

Nancy wrote: "Today at times there were three hummingbirds trading places at my two little 3 ounce feeders. I'm used to the Anna's but what kind is the newest? It has white tips on the tail feathers, no red head."

Hi Nancy - note that the female Anna's hummingbird is 'drabber' than the male, and is pretty much plain green on her back, 'dirty' grey on her underparts, and has a bit of a white stripe over her eye. Some older females may have some red on the throat, but young birds likely don't. The female Anna's DO have white tips on their outer tail feathers, and this can be seen when they flare the tails.

I haven't seen any Rufous in the Olympia area, yet, but they should be on the way. It's snowing here right now, so I'm guessing the Anna's won't have to share with anyone else for a little while more.

Jon. Anderson

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