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Hi, Barb.

That’s a great video, entirely true, and the reason the narrator called the Elk “deer” is because he’s British. The animal in the UK that looks like an Elk is the Red Deer, and the two were considered the same species for a while but have since been split into two again. It is a little surprising that no one ever clued him in, but perhaps the video was made for a British audience.


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>> Subject: Wolves can change rivers


>> https://weloveanimals.me/released-14-wolves-park-no-one-prepared-unbelievable-nature11/


>> In spite of the slight problem of calling the elk "deer", this video explanation of the wide reaches of the effects of a top predator on not only it's prey, but potentially it's entire habitat, to the major betterment of such habitat, seems to have a good chance of being true (i.e. facts, not 'alternative facts' ).


>> Let me/us know if any of you discover that this is "bogus" :-)


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