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Mon Feb 20 12:15:08 PST 2017

Fifteen participants combined from Seattle and North Central Audubon for our second joint Okanogan Highlands and Waterville Plateau winter field trip this weekend. Our intent was to foster cooperation across the Cascade divide and on this occasion we also cooperated with the Washington Ornithological Society group, with shared sightings all around (to great joy).
Bird highlights: Sharp-tailed Grouse at Scotch Creek, 3 subspecies of Horned Larks on the plateau, three falcon species (Prairie, Merlin, and Kestrel), both eagles, and lots of owls. We were able to get all participants good looks at a Great Gray Owl that we first found on Friday at the Highland Sno-Park and which stayed around to be re-found on Saturday and Sunday as well (if you go, remember to buy a Sno-Park Pass which supports the area). We had numerous Northern Pygmy Owls in the highlands in several locations, a Short-eared Owl, a couple of Saw-whet Owls at Bridgeport State Park, and four Great Horned Owls on the plateau. We didn't find the Snowy Owl reported near Mansfield, although it was foggy and we may not have seen it if it was there. This winter has been remarkably sparse for sightings of any kind of finch.
Thanks to my co-leaders: Allisa Carlson and Sarah Safranek, and to Shep Thorp and Scott Ramos who lead the WOS field trip!

Gary Kelsberg
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