[Tweeters] Inflated By Nature

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Sat Feb 18 21:18:58 PST 2017

Well, just now here in Port Townsend, the sorta flat tire of my last few days got refilled.

You see, I've been waiting eagerly for the resumption of my neighborhood's concert series of the " Castle Hill Frogs

Spring Chorus " It happen's every spring (so far). When? Well , sort of the whenever the frogs darn well feel like it! Due to the vagaries of weather, day length maybe, and just how horny the frogs are. Ask a frog.

Whatever frog schedule they're on, the males find the pond, turn on the bagpipes and let loose with a whole lot of noise! It's a wonderful sound.

Like I said, I've been waiting for the 2017 season, and have been getting cues for more than a month. Pacific Chorus Frogs (aka tree frogs) are pretty hardy amphibians. Even though PT had a harsher winter this year than my past two winters here ("harsh" being kind of a joke at this latitude), the chorus began tonight as opposed to last years March 7th, and 2016 was a very mild winter. So it goes.

Anyhoo, tonights chorus was noted to me by my de-facto doorman, "Mister Frog", a chorus frog who (or is it they) has made outside my front door his practice studio this winter. Mister Frog croaks at any ol' time of day or night, but just now really got into it. It's like hearing the difference between winter toodling Robins and the full belting out of their spring song.

So I opened my door - and the chorus had begun ! That Mister Frog is a good doorman. I walked the one block from my house to the pond concert hall so I could get the whole sound experience. Great. The froggy bagpipes were inflating my spirit as I listened. Like optimists say about flat tires: "well, it's only flat on one side!". We all have leaks, fast or slow. So go out and get inflated by nature, if you need some uplifting .

Jeff Gibson

listening in

Port Townsend WA

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