[Tweeters] SAS Owl Field Trip #2

J. Acker owler at sounddsl.com
Sat Feb 18 14:54:46 PST 2017

Despite a less then optimal forecast, I met another group of SAS owlers off
the 0135 ferry from Seattle this morning. Combatting a falling barometer,
strong winds from the north, and showers starting at 0520, the group managed
to detect 7 Barred Owls, three of which allowed for close viewing, 4
Northern Saw-whet Owls, and 2 Northern Pygmy Owls. Barred Owls will be on
eggs within the next two weeks, and caterwauling and food delivery calls
were some of the vocalizations heard by the group. Two of the Northern
Saw-whet owls were males that started tooting in response to me, but none
continued long enough to get a location for viewing. The early rain
certainly put a damper on the saw-whets, but the group was rewarded in its
perseverance with a male Northern Pygmy Owl at dawn that perched for 2-3
minutes at the top of a snag for viewing before heading off to his distant
calling mate.

J. Acker

owler at sounddsl.com <mailto:owler at sounddsl.com>

Bainbridge Island, WA

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