[Tweeters] Marymoor Park (Redmond, King Co.) 2017-02-16

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Thu Feb 16 13:58:57 PST 2017

Tweets – we had unexpectedly nice weather today, and over a dozen birders. The birds cooperated, making for an excellent day. It was warm, and partly sunny by our start time (though Matt got rained on pre-dawn).

After our recent rains, there was water everywhere. Large puddles in fields and parking lots, water over the paths, water over the boardwalk. It was passible with over-the-ankles boots, but just barely and only with care.

Sadly, we also noticed that the “odd-snag”, a tremendously old Douglas Fir snag that stood just SW of the park entrance, has broken off very short. For at least a couple of decades, RED-TAILED HAWKS nested atop the snag, which featured a “toothpick” spike about 6 feet tall that stuck up from above the broken-off top. The hawks would nest at the base of the spike which I expect it made the nest harder for eagles to predate (though we did once witness an eagle take a baby hawk). A few weeks ago, a Red-tail was seen building up the nest for another year; now they will have to find a new place to nest.


Northern Pintail One male in a field puddle – First for 2017
California Gull Maybe 3
Herring Gull At least 1; possibly a Thayer’s or two as well
Green Heron Continues at Beaver Lodge
SHORT-EARED OWL Matt & Sharon saw two, pre-dawn, East Meadow
Red-breasted Sapsucker 2, possibly flirting, Rowing Club
Pileated Woodpecker Male (first year?), Dog Meadow
Northern Shrike Seen several times
HORNED LARK One on soccer fields west of Fields 7-8-9
- SWALLOWS - About 6. At least one was almost certainly a TREE.
CEDAR WAXWING A flock of 11, Dog Meadow
Yellow-rumped Warbler Several “Audubon’s”
Western Meadowlark At least 2 at model airplane field

It was a big surprise to find a HORNED LARK on the grass fields just NE of Lot C (where we meet). This is just our 3rd spring sighting ever for Horned Larks at Marymoor (and only our 18th sighting in all). The two previous spring sightings were 2002-02-15 (only one day off from today’s date!) and 2002-04-17.

It was a good day for animal sightings too. In addition to the usual Eastern Gray Squirrels and Eastern Cottontails, Matt *saw* a BEAVER pre-dawn, and we had at least 2 RIVER OTTERS on the lake. At the Rowing Club pond were at least 3 RED-EARED SLIDERS and 1-2 very bright PAINTED TURTLES.

For the day, 60 species. For the year, I believe we’re at 82 species (plus swallow sp.)

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