[Tweeters] Vancouver Island - Pink-footed Geese continue and the Redwing returns!

Nathaniel Peters ncpeters at uw.edu
Sat Feb 11 22:31:39 PST 2017

Howdy Tweets,

I took the Tsawwassen Ferry to Sydney, BC this morning for a day of birding
around the Sydney/Saanich/Victoria area with Ann Nightingale.

To start the morning, we quickly located the two Pink-footed Geese between
Blenkinsop Road and Lochside south of Lohbrunner and north of Blenkinsop
Lake (Saanich area). Aside from the Canada Geese, there were 10 Greater
White-fronted Geese in the larger group as well.

The tides were not in our favor for the continuing Purple Sandpiper, and we
were unable to locate it despite several attempts throughout the day.

While contemplating other possible fun things to look for, we received a
call from Jeremy Gatten that he had just refound the Redwing in the exact
same location as last year (the lane east of South Valley Drive in
Victoria)! WOW!!! We hastened over and, despite a Sharp-shinned Hawk
having just cleared the area when we got there, we located the Redwing
within about half an hour in the holly bushes and dense brush behind the
houses. The Redwing is starting to vocalize, and the definition in its
plumage looks sharper than it did last year. We never got unobscured
looks, but that is no surprise with this bird. Last year the Redwing stuck
around until April, so it could be around for a little while, and will
probably be easier to find as it becomes more vocal.

It was a good day.

Nathaniel Peters
ncpeters at uw.edu
Seattle, WA
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