[Tweeters] Weekend of 2/10 RFI

John Facchini john.facchini at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 12:34:26 PST 2017

I will be spending the weekend trying to add to my life list. I’ll be
flying into Seattle from San Francisco early Friday and flying out late
Sunday – assuming the weather improves. I’ve done a fair bit of research
and have checked out ebird but I’ve found it’s always nice to get some
local advice.

My targets for the trip are:

Gyrfalcon – this is the bird I would most like to see but I am not overly
optimistic of a sighting – any information would be appreciated

Waterville Plateau:

Gray Partridge: Withrow Elevators – any additional info or is it just keep
scanning until you see some?

Sharp Tailed Grouse – Along the road near West Forster Creek and if I miss
them here head further north to Scotch Creek.

Bohemian Waxwing – Seems this is a good winter for them – any ‘sure spots’
or tips?

Snow Bunting

Pine Grosbeak

Yellow Billed Loon – this wasn’t a bird on my radar but if the one at
Rosario Head is still reliable I think I may make it my first stop Friday –
getting there around 10 or so –is there a preferred tide/time to see it?

Any information is appreciated.

Thanks in advance

John Facchini

San Francisco
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