[Tweeters] Go falcons! (Four-falcon day at Samish Flats 2/1/17)

Cindy Willis cindyrwillis at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 18:30:17 PST 2017

1. Prairie falcon at 9909 Bayview-Edison Rd (11:07 am). Flew to a fir tree close to the road (seemed to be checking out the chickens for 5 minutes) before continuing north.

2. Merlin (female) near the D'Arcy Rd green barns. Seen at 11:20 am and again in the same spot at 2:30 pm, both times perched next to the road on the lower power line.

3. Kestrels: 2 at Sullivan Rd, 1 at Thomas Rd, all female.

4. Peregrines: 1 perched in the tree with an eagle's nest on the south side of Field Rd (appeared to be a juvenile), 2 over Padilla Bay near the shore trail. The male was stooping on dunlin when a female came in. After a couple of aerial tussles, the female escorted the male to the east.

Cindy Willis
Whidbey Island

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