[Tweeters] Black Scoter, Canvasback, Redhead in Edmonds, Everett (Silver Lake)

Charles Desilets csdesilets at comcast.net
Wed Feb 1 13:27:58 PST 2017

A single BLSC was observed in Edmonds Tuesday at 10:45 from Water Street.
The bird was located ~200 yards north where Water Street turns south along
the RR tracks and viewed for a minute or two. It dove and resurfaced twice
in the ensuing 10 minutes, all the while moving further north. It was quite
windy with high chop, so the sightings could have been additional BLSC's,
not the same individual. Too far out for photos.

Today at Silver Lake at 12:15, a single Redhead and a single Canvasback were
observed close to the shoreline of the southern end of the swimming beach.
They were in a mixed flock of 80-100 AMWI, RNDU, AMCO, MALL, and GADW. Good
photos were obtained.

Charles Desilets


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