[Tweeters] End of year Clark County wanderings

Randy Hill re_hill at q.com
Sun Dec 31 20:11:58 PST 2017

I tracked a few locations this morning from OR-WA CBCs of Friday and
Saturday, hoping to duplicate successes or add to count week species. Areas
covered included the I-5 bridge across the Columbia River (Red-breasted
Merganser found again at the Vancouver Red Lion), Vancouver Lake and Lower
River Road to the end gates. The LaFrambois entry to Vancouver Lake had a
Red-shouldered Hawk at the Shillapoo WA parking lot. The flushing channel
view of the lake had another female-type Red-breasted Merganser to go with a
multitude of Common Mergansers far to the north. The feedlot before the end
of the road was loaded with 100+ Ring-billed Gulls (probably not unusual)
and a Merlin buzzed over the top. Past the gate on the dike trail between
private wetlands and Shillapoo WA there was a big group of blackbirds
including 250 Brown-headed Cowbirds, and shorebirds: I counted one
Long-billed Dowitcher and 28 yellowlegs. While I thought I had some lessers
in the group, when I went through the moving flock I could only come up with
Greater Yellowlegs. And to get a good start for 2018, one of the Snowy
Egrets from the fall is still there! I'm doing my last OR-WA CBC tomorrow
up at Longview so will have to wait until January 2 to see if continues into
the new year. For which I wish you all lots of enjoyment birding.

Randy Hill


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