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Check out Washington Birder for state, county and yard list records: www.wabirder.com/ Wilson Cady
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Good Bye 2017.... our environment took a very big hit politically and otherwise, so those that participated in the CBC.. Thank you.. your work is very important.

Just as an end of the year note... I thought it was worth mentioning, my year long list of my yard got up to 65 Species 😊 I will be selling in a few months, which will be really hard for me, as my yard is a virtual bird paradise with so many unlikely birds choosing to nest here as well. But, life is a journey and no matter where I end up, birds will be spoiled.
It would be interesting to me, how many of you kept a tally for the year and what your totals are. It's not a contest.. as this CBC this year in my yard would tell you.. 3 times the birds and half the species as last years on the count day.

Here is to the birds in 2018... BRING IT!

in Arlington

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