[Tweeters] Rose-Breasted Grosbeak sighted at 9 AM on 12/29

Rick Tyler rhtyler at gmail.com
Fri Dec 29 09:37:44 PST 2017

I wanted to mention that Max and Melissa are incredibly gracious to the
birders camping out on their lawn for days at a time.

I would like to thank them.

Rick Tyler (not "Rick Taylor," whom I finally met on this stakeout)

On Fri, Dec 29, 2017 at 9:33 AM, Melissa Brown <mel_n_brown at yahoo.com>

> Hello,


> My name is Melissa and I am one of the residents at 1902 N 55th Street,

> where the Grosbeak has been feeding at our backyard feeder since the 21st.

> We did not see him at all yesterday, but I just saw him a few minutes ago.

> There is a Cooper's Hawk who visits our backyard regularly (spotted

> yesterday, in fact), and he may have temporarily scared the Grosbeak away.


> The Grosbeak was first seen by my husband at our feeder on the 21st, and

> has been seen every day except the 22nd and 28th. We don't have a lot of

> data to draw from, but he seems to be most consistently visiting after 3:30

> PM. However, some days (especially if it's sunny), he will feed for a while

> in the late morning.


> When you come by, keep an eye on the adjacent backyard, as I have seen him

> perched on their back fence. Once he sifted through the cracks on their

> patio roof. (No one lives in that house, so you will not be upsetting

> anyone).


> Feel free to come by soon to see him before he moves on (and before we

> have some major plumbing work done, which should be quite disruptive).


> Happy birding!

> Melissa & Max




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Rick Tyler

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