[Tweeters] Rose-Breasted Grosbeak sighted at 9 AM on 12/29

Melissa Brown mel_n_brown at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 29 09:33:34 PST 2017

My name is Melissa and I am one of the residents at 1902 N 55th Street, where the Grosbeak has been feeding at our backyard feeder since the 21st. We did not see him at all yesterday, but I just saw him a few minutes ago. There is a Cooper's Hawk who visits our backyard regularly (spotted yesterday, in fact), and he may have temporarily scared the Grosbeak away.
The Grosbeak was first seen by my husband at our feeder on the 21st, and has been seen every day except the 22nd and 28th. We don't have a lot of data to draw from, but he seems to be most consistently visiting after 3:30 PM. However, some days (especially if it's sunny), he will feed for a while in the late morning.

When you come by, keep an eye on the adjacent backyard, as I have seen him perched on their back fence. Once he sifted through the cracks on their patio roof. (No one lives in that house, so you will not be upsetting anyone).

Feel free to come by soon to see him before he moves on (and before we have some major plumbing work done, which should be quite disruptive).
Happy birding!Melissa & Max

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