[Tweeters] Western tanager continues

tomboulian at comcast.net tomboulian at comcast.net
Wed Dec 27 21:58:15 PST 2017

Female Western tanager continues at my back yard suet feeder now 14 days straight. She has become much more regular and a lot less skittish. A male was seen three times, but not for last 7 days.

Not sure why she hasn’t found a better spot, but fresh running water and now I put out suet chunks on the ground so she can fight for them with the jays and squirrels. I put out fruit chunks but she is not interested, although jays, robins, and varied thrushes are. Weird how one little food source can get a bird habituated and not move on, like the Blue Jay and the Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Mark Tomboulian

Shoreline, WA

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