[Tweeters] Starling murmuration

Dusty Bleher TweeterReader at bagithere.com
Wed Dec 27 18:11:42 PST 2017

Hello Constance & all;

I see wonderful murmuration patterns to the west side of 67th Ave NE,
between 108th St. NE and 132nd St. NE, pretty much every time I go through
there, as I'm headed towards the turn off for the Strawberry Fields Athletic
Complex. They seem especially active this time of the year. They appear to
be mostly starlings, but I'm usually not close enough to be sure.

I hope you and your friend find many!

Take care and be well all,
Granite Falls
TweeterReader at bagithere.com

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> Hey tweets, a photographer friend of mine is looking to photograph a

> murmuration of European Starlings and asked me if I knew anywhere in the

> state where they do this.


> Starlings used to be in good numbers at Montlake Fill, enough to


> produce such a phenom, at least in a small way. But for whatever reason,

> starlings have now declined to the point where some days, I don't see a

> single one.


> I was thinking the Samish Flats might be a good location. I believe there


> large numbers of starlings there, along with flocks of blackbirds, but do


> murmurate? That's what I don't know.


> Any suggestions? - Connie, Seattle


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