[Tweeters] OT: Parakeet advice?

Tucker, Trileigh TRI at seattleu.edu
Wed Dec 27 12:31:24 PST 2017

Hi Tweets,

I’ve recently adopted a young rescue parakeet from the Seattle Animal Shelter, who had been found flying loose outdoors a couple of months earlier and was taken in by a foster parent. I haven’t had a companion bird since I was a kid. In my research about caring for parakeets, I’ve found that both online advice and books often give contradictory recommendations. But I tend to trust Tweeters. If any of you have budgie experience and would be willing to answer the occasional question or two, I’d be grateful. I promise not to inundate you with queries about my new little companion.

Thanks much and best wishes to all for a Happy New Birding Year,

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Trileigh Tucker, PhD
Professor Emerita of Environmental Studies
Seattle University

Pelly Valley, West Seattle
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