[Tweeters] SnoCo Snow Buntings

Steve Giles jfsgiles01 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 25 15:23:51 PST 2017

Today from noon to 1:30 there were 4 Snow Buntings at Eide Rd. They were
feeding around the edges of the frozen ponds in the North part of the
island near the highway. There is a one car pullout just past the first
large tree several hundred feet after you descend from the hwy. I parked
here and walked West. I first found the birds in the farthest frozen wet
area. Later they moved nearer to the road. Each time I saw them they were
feeding around the weedy edges of the frozen wet areas. They were still
there when I left at 1:30.
Good birding and Merry Christmas.
Steve Giles
Camano Island

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