[Tweeters] western tanager continues

tomboulian at comcast.net tomboulian at comcast.net
Sat Dec 23 21:59:06 PST 2017

A pair of western tanagers continues at my suet feeder and fountain. Since Dec 15. Actually I don’t know if they are a “pair”—the male comes just once in the morning fleetingly; the female comes rather regularly throughout the morning until about 1 pm. I have posted on e-bird four times. I think today’s pictures were the best. You can see them on the rare bird alert.

I assume these are the birds reported Dec 10-14 at Richmond Beach and Edmonds, which are less than two miles as the tanager flies

Fat and unfrozen water are commodities today.

If anyone has some weird desire to see them, then I’m betting the female at least will be around in the mornings until she finds a better gig.

Contact me off-line if you want to try

Mark Tomboulian

Shoreline, WA

tomboulian at comcast dot net

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