[Tweeters] Camera upgrade recommendations for bird photography

Tucker, Trileigh TRI at seattleu.edu
Tue Dec 19 20:49:49 PST 2017

Hi Tweets,

Santa may be feeling particularly generous this year and I’m wondering which of these you might recommend for his visit. My photography is almost all birds, plus some other wildlife as well—therefore often in low light and with fast-moving subjects. I’ve been shooting Nikon for years and have a pretty full range of Nikkor lenses. Any thoughts about the following options?

* Upgrading from my current f/4 long lenses (80-400 and 300 fixed) to an f/2.8 equivalent. I’ve been sticking with Nikkor but could go with Tamron or Sigma if there’s reason to.
* Upgrading my camera body from Nikon D7200 to …. something else Nikon. I’ve been pretty happy with the 7200, but after its saltwater bath in the Galapagos, it’s never seemed to do quite as well even after Nikon’s repair job.
* Making the switch to Canon, which would mean both camera body and a long lens. I’m reluctant to start over given my investment in Nikon, but I hear great things about the various Marks.

Please reply off-thread unless you think there’s general interest; thanks so much in advance for any perspectives.

Good birding,

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