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There are several overlooks on Boundary Bay—with parking—that birders tend to scope from. These are all accessible from Ladner Trunk Rd., which you exit to from 99 roughly 10 mi north of the border. There is a Tim Horton’s Cafe at this exit just for reference. You will exit pointing right toward the bay, looking across farm fields.

Turn left to reach the easterly access roads to the bay, which is enclosed by a tall dike ideal for scanning from. The farthest east is 112th St, which often has massive numbers of waterfowl and lots of Black-bellied Plovers and has parking. Coming back west, it’s worth checking the dike at 104th, where you can also park. 96th allows no parking and adjoining farmers with very active operations rightfully won’t tolerate much infringement.

You can park at 88th. Some birders bike the dike with scopes from 88 to 104. The occasional Gyrfalcon is nearly annual in this stretch. 72nd and 64th also have parking, and the foreshore stretch just east of 72nd and the walk toward 64th have been good for Snowy Owls in flight years.

I haven’t personally heard of much Snowy action on Boundary Bay this fall/winter. I believe eBird may not be posting such sightings (as well as those of other highly sought owls) because of the aggressive photo chase frenzies that have unfortunately ensued.

I hope this is helpful. A stop at Reifel Sanctuary is nearly a must in winter too, although the short days recommend a focused birding strategy. Sharkey’s Seafood Bar & Grill in Ladner is always worth a stop.

Bob Sundstrom

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> Hi Tweeters,

> I finally have my Canadian Visa and after many years of dreaming about it, I am hoping to make a trip up there this weekend to explore what I've been told is some absolutely fantastic habitat. I understand that Boundary Bay is really good for Snowy Owls as well as a lot of other species of owls, raptors and ducks. However, I've never been there and don't know the area at all. I would really appreciate any advice, tips and pointers on where specifically in the area to park and bird since it looks like the dike is 10 miles long; whether it involves walking along trails or driving, best places to stop and scope, do's and don'ts etc.


> Thank you so much. Appreciate it guys.



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